Low Vision Assistive Device Available for Use at St. Martin Parish Library

St. Martin Parish Public Library is announcing the availability of assistive technology for those with vision impairments.  The St. Martinville library houses a Topaz Video Magnifier.  This low vision magnifier can assist with tasks such as reading fine print.

Availability and accessibility is important to St. Martin Parish Library’s mission of providing all patrons of the parish with equal access to high quality informational and technological resources to meet the diverse needs of the community for information, life-long learning and enjoyment.

Patrons with low vision may also be interested in the State Library’s Talking Books and Braille Library (TBBL) program.  TBBL provides free public library service to Louisiana residents of all ages who cannot easily read standard printed materials due to a visual impairment, physical disability or a reading disability whether it is permanent or temporary.

For more information on the Topaz Video Magnifier, call or visit the St. Martinville branch of the St. Martin Parish Library. The phone number for that location is 337-394-22007, ext. 223.

For more information regarding the State Library’s Talking Books and Braille Library program, visit their website at https://www.state.lib.la.us/special-services/tbbl.