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Code of Conduct

St. Martin Parish Library Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to the whole service community of the St. Martin Parish Library. This Code of Conduct applies to all buildings, interior and exterior, and all grounds controlled and operated by the St. Martin Parish Library and to all persons entering in or on the premises.  Stated rules will be enforced in a fair and reasonable manner with exclusion periods based on the severity of the violation.

In matters of general conduct, patrons shall be governed by the ordinary and reasonable rules of behavior by law-abiding and self-respecting citizens.

Each patron is responsible for regulating his/her own conduct in a positive, proactive mature manner and therefore expected to:

1.  Refrain from any disparaging remarks or verbal abuse towards staff and library patrons.  Use courteous language at all times.

2.  Respect the rights of other patrons and staff and shall not harass others anywhere on the premises by:

a. Noisy or boisterous activities;

b. Behaving in a manner which reasonably can be expected to disturb other patrons or staff;

c. Soliciting funds or offering any goods or services for sale (unless authorized by the Director of Library);                           

d. Disruptive use of personal communications or entertainment devices such as cell phones, headphones or radios;

e. Excessive public display of affection;

f. Initiating unwanted conversations with other library patrons or staff; and

g. Engaging in or displaying profane and obscene language, images or conduct.

3.  Abide by the following prohibitions:

a. Eating;

b. Littering;

c. Sleeping;

d. Smoking, vaping, and tobacco products are not allowed indoors or within 25 feet of an entrance;

e. Physically assaulting or encouraging to assault any person within the library premises;

f. Abusing or vandalizing library facilities or equipment, which includes changing the configuration of library computer terminals;

g. Removing and/or erasing official notices, announcements, signage and posters in the library;

h. Forging, altering, tampering and/or falsifying library documents or records;

i.   Rearranging/disarranging library furnishings or materials;

j.   Entering restricted areas such as staff work rooms, offices and storage;

k. Taking surveys, asking patrons to sign petitions, or distributing pamphlets within the library premises without the permission of the Director of Library;

l.   Using incendiary devices, such as candles, matches, and lighters;

m. Using library restrooms unreasonably;

n. Giving money, gift or token of any kind or giving a treat to library personnel in order to obtain any kind of favor or benefit, or leniency in the use of library facilities, equipment and materials.

 The following additional guidelines shall likewise be strictly applied:

1.  No pets shall be allowed inside the library building except animals trained to assist individuals with disabilities;

2.  Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms or weapons are not permitted in the building or on library property at any time;

3.  No library property may be misused, mutilated, damaged, or defaced, nor may any material be taken;

4.  The Library Management is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended;

5.  Personal possessions should not take up seats or space needed by other library users;

6.  Patrons of all ages are required to wear shirts and footwear while in the library; 

7. Library patrons must not block library entrance/exit areas, aisles, doorways, and stairways or interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic in such areas; and

8.  Patrons shall promptly leave the building at closing time.


St. Martin Parish Library Code of Conduct

Banning and Appeals Process 

Persons violating the rules outlined in the St. Martin Parish Library Code of Conduct will be given a verbal warning by a person in authority. Depending on the severity of the violation, said person may be banned from certain services and/or the premises. Failure to leave as instructed constitutes unlawful trespass and law enforcement will be contacted.

In the event that a patron is banned from services/the premises, a conduct report will be completed by a library staff member. This report will be submitted to the branch manager. Branch manager will determine if an extended ban from the library and/or certain services is warranted.  Duration of the ban will be determined by branch manager and shall depend upon the nature and seriousness of the offense that required removal, the extent of damage or disruption caused, any history of prior infractions of library policies, and other relevant circumstances. Notification will be given to patron/responsible party by the branch manager, either verbally or in writing. Notification will include the reason(s) for the ban, the time period of the ban, and the appeals process. A ban from certain services and/or the facility of one library branch is enforceable at all branches of the St. Martin Parish Library. The completed conduct report shall be submitted to the Library Director.

Any banned patron has the right to appeal the decision to the Library Director. A patron may appeal in writing to the Library Director or in person after scheduling an appointment with the Director. The Director may modify or terminate the banning period if the information submitted by the individual warrants such modification. The Director will respond in writing and notify the individual of the appeals process. Until such time as the determination has been reviewed and/or modified by the Director or reversed on appeal by the St. Martin Parish Library Board, a banned individual may not enter or remain on library premises.

The Director’s written determination may be appealed to the St. Martin Parish Library Board, if the aggrieved individual files a written notice of appeal within 10 days after receiving the Director’s determination. Such notice shall be filed with both the Library Director and the Library Board President, c/o St. Martin Parish Library, 201 Porter Street, St. Martinville, LA 70582. The Board shall hold a hearing within 30 days after the patron’s notice has been filed. The appellant shall be notified at least 10 days before the hearing. Failure to appear on the assigned day of the hearing without prior notification to the Library Board President will result in the denial of the appeal.

The President of the St. Martin Parish Library Board shall conduct the hearing. Within 30 days of the completion of the hearing, the Board shall issue a written decision stating the reasons therefore. The Board shall have the power to affirm or reverse the written determination. The decision shall be a final determination for the purposes of review and appeals. Alternatively, the Board may refer the case back to the Library Director with instructions for reconsideration.


Any person who enters or remains on library premises during the period in which he/she has been banned from the library will be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing.


Revised July 2019