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Study Room Policy

  1. Study rooms may be used by individuals and/or small groups during public service hours.
  2. Upon arrival, individuals requesting the use of a study room must check in at the Library’s Help Desk. Availability will be reviewed at this time and reservations will be taken if all study rooms are in use.
  3. Juveniles using study rooms without an adult present will be required to keep study room door open at all times during use of room.
  4. Study rooms are available in two hour intervals on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge. Extra time allotted for study room sessions will be allowed if there are no pending requests by a new party for use of the room. Individuals or groups who have been allotted additional time in study rooms beyond the two hour limit will be asked to vacate if all study rooms are filled and a new party wishes to utilize a room.
  5. Study room users are asked to notify Library staff when the session is finished. The room will then be inspected for condition.
  6. Once a room has been vacated for more than 15 minutes, the Library reserves the right to remove the all personal items, placing belongs in Lost and Found, and to make the study room available for other users.
  7. The Library does not provide any equipment. However, dry erase markers and erasers may be borrowed from staff and returned once use of room is complete.
  8. Occupants are expected to leave the room clean and orderly and report to staff any damage, spills, etc. Additionally, nothing may be attached to walls. Individuals/groups shall assume financial responsibility for any damage to any property of the Library.
  9. The Director and/or Library Board President is authorized to deny permission to use the library facilities to any individual and/or group that is disorderly, exhibits objectionable behavior or violates policy provisions.


Revised May 2019