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Online Borrower Registration

St. Martin Parish Residents may request a temporary card that allows access to digital content by submitting the Online Borrower Registration Form found below.  Once the request is received, library staff will verify the information and contact the user with card information or to discuss any relevant issues.  

Library cards issued through this method are valid for a default period of 30 days.  Users will only have access to digital material and databases. Online Borrower Registered users will not have permissions to check-out physical items. At user's convenience, they will need to visit a physical location of the St. Martin Parish Library in order to be verified in person with the required documentation. 



Online Borrower Registration
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Name: *
2. Street Address: *
3. City, State, Zip Code: *
4. Contact Info: E-Mail and/or Phone *
5. Reenter to Verify: E-Mail and/or Phone *
6. Date of Birth: *
7. Gender:
8. Desired Home Branch Location: *
9. Four Digit PIN Number: *